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How can you write a short description on one of Perth’s most unique R35 GTR builds? The short answer is, you can’t. During it’s time being the flagship vehicle for the Audio Precision Race Team, “GODZILLA” has achieved some amazing things, and thanks to the guys at Galvsport, Antilag and Empire Performance, we hope to achieve many, many more!

The first modification, as it should be with any car, was the sound system. Up the front we’ve kept the factory Nissan head unit, and integrated an Audison BITONE with DRC controller. This gives us full control over the sound system, and allowed us to seamlessly integrate the two Alpine PDXV9 Amplifiers. These amps are the powerhouse behind the Focal Utopia Be three way component speakers, custom mounted into GTR’s doors. The dedicated sub channels on the two amps are then linked together to power Focal’s 13” K2 subwoofer, which is reverse mounted into a custom ported enclosure. The box itself is designed in a way that allows it to port directly into the car, using the factory Bose subwoofer location. Combined with Focal BAM sound treating the doors, boot, roof and rear quarters in the car, no noise gets in or out.
Now of course, if you already have one of the best sound systems money can buy, you need the performance to match. Thanks to our good friends at Galvsport, this was achieved. They fitted up a full Stage 2+ performance upgrade. Including new injectors, intake, fuel pump, topped off with a custom tune and gearbox programming. At the end of our Galvsport experience, the GTR was pushing out approximately 600hp at all four wheels.
Now you’re probably wondering why we left the exhaust of our shopping list, but don’t worry because the guys at Empire Performance had us covered. They provided us with a beautiful turbo back exhaust system to replace the old, heavy (and quiet) steel mufflers. With a sound that could drown out the exhaust of a V8 supercar, you’re sure to hear the Audio Precision GTR coming!
With the car ready and raring to hit the streets, we got straight to work, and took it down to Audio Precision Racewars 2014, where it ran a 19.7seconds down the 1 kilometer strip, clocked at speed of over 265km/h. After this, there wasn’t much left in Perth for us to do, so we wrapped the car in a custom “Iron Man red” plasti-dip, shipped the car to Sydney and entered it in Modball Rally 2014. Running next to cars such as the mighty Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458, McLaren P1 and a few of the classics!
Quieting down for the year, the GTR did the usual city runs, car club cruises and general promotion. In the new year we brought the GTR back out, and sent it out to Motul Racewars 2015. Using the event more as a promotion, and final look at the gold GTR before it got a facelift, we focused more on the fun events. Placing 9th at the 800m Roll On event was enough for the team, especially seeing the high level of cars brought out to the event.
After Godzilla’s major escapades from the past two years, the team’s decided to have a quiet end to the year. We’ve removed the custom colouring, in favor for the original and classic silver body, and begun re-designing the sound system. The new year should see the GTR re-built entirely, making it even bigger, bolder and meaner than ever before. So keep your eyes peeled for the “GODZILLA” in 2016…