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Our Process

Our Process

Don’t know where to begin?? Well thats why we’re here to help you create the car audio system of your dreams! Below are a few steps that we take to ensure that your requirement is fulfilled..

Step 1: What make and model car are we designing the audio system for?

We will first identify whether there are any restrictions for your particular make and model. For instance some cars may require a fascia kit to install a single din headunit.


Step 2: We try to understand what kind of system you are after.

For example what kind of music you listen to may determine what speaker will suit your needs and whether you after a refined sound quality or a loud and proud system. You may want more bass than space or you may want to upgrade your system without compromising the space within the vehicle. These are factors which need to be accounted for and considered before going ahead.


Step 3: Running you through the range of equipment that will suit your needs.

Here we will demo the equipment that will suit your needs and you can compare between brands such as the Alpine, Pioneer, Focal and Rockford range. This will give you an in depth overview of the different products we use in the store.


Step 4: Discussing installation options

There are many installation options available. Whether you are looking for custom door panels, a custom boot or maybe you would prefer a clean and hidden installation. This is the stage where we determine your various options, and show you the different installation options that we offer.


Step 5: Create Installation package

We will then sit down with you and create a package from the equipment options and installation options available and determine a price for your ultimate audio system!

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